Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey all you fans out there. I am now done with Motel 6 and we are currently living with Jakes parents out on the farm. We are busy looking for work, Jake had an interview in Idaho Falls, it didn't pan out. The people only wanted to pay Jake 8 dollars an hour which is even lower than minimum wage in Washington, besides that with all of our accumulated bills from school we didn't think we could make it work. So we are back to searching for more jobs and applying for everything under the sun that we think would support our family right now. Great fun I'm sure.
Uncle Robert has offered Jake a job that would start August 15th and last for at least 10wks, I think we may take that, but are trying to find some temp stuff to get us to that point.
Jacilynn has been giving everybody a good laugh. When she is thirsty she asks for some watty(water), but when she says it it sounds like she is asking for money. I need some money, I need some money etc...I say I do to. What a funny girl.
Rileigh can now ride her bike with training wheels. She got right up on it the moment we got out to the farm and she does great on it. I am so relieved, we bought that bike for her last birthday and almost a year has gone by, I was beginning to think she would never get it.
Well that's it for this blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am working as a housekeeper for Motel 6. It is a hard job, and I am glad that it is only temporary. I am gratefull to have it though, we really needed the money. Sometimes I get tips in my rooms and that is really nice. We have been busy going through our stuff trying to decide what to save, what to try to sell, and what to junk. It has been really busy and crazy since I started work, but things keep seeming to fall in place a little better lately.
yes Tawnya we got the frog and cupcake one too, the girls love them.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

These are for you Deidra, sorry I didn't get a family pic, I just started a new job and havn't had time to do anything. Jake picked me up from work today and brought the camera so you get what was already on there. Hope it is enough

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We have this nice Green Belt walk way in town and we finally used it last week. It was nice to get out and in some decent weather too!
Jacilynn has really grown fond of this toy lately. She rides it all over the house and outside, even over the rough bumpy dirt hills. Silly goose.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We call Jacilynn Poodoo somtimes, so when she crawled into this bucket
of course we had to say Poodoo in the bucket. It just sounds funny don't it? Then of course Rileigh wanted in on the fun and pics, what a goof. And I still don't know how to turn pics so you get them as they came on the page.

The girls got new spongebob PJ's. They have never seen one of the cartoons, but that hasn't stopped them from loving the merchandice.Silly us.